Home Selling Tips


Your success is my success.

Chico Timoti has worked in sales and marketing for 20 years. I offer you these selling tips as an introduction to my personalised service. I will use my expertise to help you sell your home easily and at the best price. I know that selling can often be a very stressful time but I am here to mediate that because I can help you implement any of the following advice. Please don’t be afraid to ask me questions.

The decision to sell.

If possible avoid needing to sell in a hurry as you may end up selling below market value.

Try to avoid slow selling seasons like winter and Christmas / New Year time.

Consider who is likely to buy your house – investors will offer significantly less than home owners but will be ready to purchase quickly.

Give your real estate agent plenty of notice so together you can get everything in place (repairs and marketing) for a fast sale at a good price.

Talk to Chico about a fair asking price and do your online research about what other properties in your area have gone for. Also look at prices in the area to which you are moving to get an idea of what you can afford there.

Be clear about the chattels you will be taking and leaving – are any negotiable (especially those with sentimental value).

Consider what might make buyers think they are getting a bargain whilst you still get a good price because everyone wants to undercut the asking price! The more realistic your price the quicker you will sell.

The Listing

Short and Sweet

Here are some tips to make your property stand out on the “Properties for Sale” list.

Best feature first

Focus on the positives

Make it catchy.

Be honest

Add clear photos taken in natural / sunny light and if possible with vegetation in the gardens. A wide angle lens is advisable to give a better impression of the space.

Use a range of marketing strategies.

First Impressions Count…

Make the inside and outside of your home as neat and lovely as possible.

If your property is situated in a not after area, you’re likely to get more investors coming through so focus on privacy and security to push the price up.

If you are in a popular neighbourhood focus on the beauty and positives of the area.


Don’t let buyers suspect poor cleanliness.

It’s spring cleaning time regardless of the time of year.

Keep it extremely clean for the duration of the marketing period.

A fresh clean is necessary before every visit.

Consider using nice fragrances or baking before you leave and the open home begins.


Don’t let buyers suspect poor maintenance

There’s no point hiding flaws because a good building inspection will find them. Better to fix it or be honest. You can get your home inspected to see what works needs done.

Attend to all the little things you have been meaning to get around to – peeling paint, broken fixtures.

Consider whether the more expensive jobs such as re-painting are worth the investment. They can often be a small outlay for a big increase in value if you have the time. You can discuss this with Chico because he will know exactly what is worth the investment of your time, energy and money and what isn’t.

Don’t Take It Personally…

Think like the buyer. You will be one again soon!

Consider removing personal details like kids’ artwork in the living areas, old certificates and trophies to help the buyers imagine themselves and their family feeling right at home in your house. By taking some of your personality out of the house the buyer can imagine theirs coming in.

Detach from your own emotions towards the house as you decide which suggestions to implement.

Decide how to sell.

How you chose to sell your house (auction, tender, offers) depends upon several factors – the condition of the house and neighbourhood, the time frame you have to sell and the current market conditions. Chico can advise you about your options to help you make an informed decision.

Don’t be present for the open homes if possible so buyers don’t feel intimidated and uncomfortable!

Try to accommodate buyers visits outside of show home hours to increase your chances of a sale.

Be prepared to negotiate – even with lower offers as everyone will try their luck.

I hope you found this information useful when preparing to sell your home. I look forward to working with you.